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Before your wedding

- Do we get to know each other in advance?


Yes, I would definitely like to meet you in advance, if the distance allows us to. When meeting in person, we can much better find out if we’re a good fit compared to only sending emails and at the same talk about your initial questions you might have.


- Do you have any tips for us regarding the wedding planning?


After booking me for your special day, you will receive a wedding guide packed with lots of tips and inspiration for your wedding day. In a personal meeting, we can discuss all questions and go through your day. 


- Which equipment do you use?


I shoot with a professional dslr camera by Nikon and several high-speed lenses. I always bring a professional backup camera to be on the safe side.


- We have never had professional pictures taken. What if we feel uncomfortable in front of the camera?


It’s not a problem if you haven’t been in front of the camera yet. To make you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to book an engagement shooting with me and thus learn what a shooting is all about and how I work. Engagement shootings are free of charge on my 10h package. Plus, the pictures taken are a great way to make your invitation cards more personal or use them for decorative purposes on your wedding day.


- Is there a deposit we need to pay?


After the contract has been signed by mutual agreement, a deposit of 30% of the total price is due. After receiving this reservation fee, the appointment is permanently booked for you.


- Should we expect further costs, such as travel expenses?


Within the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) I do not charge travel costs. Outside the metropolitan area, the compensation per driven kilometre is 0,53€.


- We are unsure which package to choose. Is it possible to book a customized package?


Yes, it is. Just get in touch with me and we can plan your individual wedding package.

On your wedding day

- What do we do in case it rains?


Rain on the wedding day is said to bring luck, blessings and money to the newlyweds. 😊 Exactly on this day, no couple really wishes for rain though, understandably. However, rain pictures can have a very special charm and using my transparent umbrellas we can create very intimate photos.


We will discuss the options in the preliminary meeting. There are many options for a bridal couple shooting despite rainy weather, so do not worry!


- Shall we schedule you for dinner?


Yes, please! 😊 As I spend many hours on full-day reports for you, it would be great if you would include me in this regard, so that I can strengthen myself for the rest of the evening. It is not necessary to get a seat among your guests but I should be able to sit somewhere for a moment before the party starts.


- How long does the bridal couple shoot take?


Please plan around 1h for your portraits. The shooting location should be nearby the venue, so we do not lose much time. We can discuss this, as well as when to shoot, in peace prior to your big day.


- Do we also take group pictures?


For sure! We will also discuss this in advance. Please provide me, whenever you can, with a list of the most important group constellations. It's best to hire a specific person to do the coordination of the group setup who knows the included guests relatively well.

After your wedding

- When do we receive our photos?


During wedding high season between May-October it may take 4-6 weeks until you get your finalized pictures.


- Do we get all the images you've taken, including the RAW files?


No, please trust me! I carefully select the best of the thousands of photos and you can be sure I hold nothing back from you! :)


- Do you offer photo album or canvas prints?


I do! I am happy to show you examples of the various options and you can choose your product in peace. 


- How do our guests get their pictures?


After I'm done editing, I'll provide you with a password-protected online gallery which you are able to share with friends and family, if you wish.


- What exactly do we get from you after the wedding?


You will receive your password-protected online gallery with all edited photos. Additionally, most couples order a photo album, which definitely is the most stunning and durable way of preserving your precious memories.


- Can we post our photos on social media networks?


For sure! I am happy and honored if you would like to share the pictures online. Please be sure to name or link me as the author.


"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange

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