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Client closet

Clothing is actually a very essential part of photography. The type of clothes you wear, the material and colour all play a role in the overall feel of the image. They can make photos look harmonious or unfavourable. Clothing and surroundings should also fit together stylistically. That is, natural colours and shades that are to be found in nature too (as opposed to very vibrant and intense colours) will make for the best possible outcome. 


Dresses are great in photos for multiple reasons. They are able to move in the wind, they look flattering on pretty much everyone of us and they give us something we can hold on to. Especially the latter is super convenient when we're a little nervous in front of the camera. Being able to have something in our hands creates more confidence and assurance.


For those reasons I have gathered a lovely variety of shooting dresses from designers all over the world for you. You are more than welcome to rent them for our session, at no extra cost. :)





You will be provided with additional tips on this topic in the information package after booking. :)

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange

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