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Congratulations on your belly! This is a new chapter of life - and what an exciting one! Every pregnancy is a unique miracle. Having photos of this magical and irretrievable time is worth so much. It's a gift to yourself and to your child. 

The best time for scheduling a maternity shooting is between 32 - 36 weeks of pregnancy, though this is individual from woman to woman. Your belly should be pretty visible already but you should still feel comfortable and be able to move around outdoors a little.

Your partner and/or baby's older siblings are definitely invited to join the session, if you wish so. 

For your belly shoot we will schedule 1h.


parikuvaus, raskauskuvaus, vastasyntyneen kuvaus, perhekuvaus

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange

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